The Real Green Fashion - The Way of the Natural Fur

Az Igazi Zöld Divat - A Természetes Szőrmék Útja

When sustainability is mentioned, many people immediately think of green technologies or recycled materials. But few people know that the fashion industry has an ancient yet extremely environmentally friendly solution: the use of real fur.

It is not just a fashion trend, but a centuries-old practice that continues to set an example of sustainability and harmony with nature.

The natural furs

This practice proves that it is possible to use natural resources in a responsible and sustainable way. North American beaver, swamp rat, weasel, coyote, fox and raccoon populations are perhaps more abundant today than ever before. As a result, fur is not only fashionable, but also an environmentally conscious choice.

Regulation and sustainability

Strict regulation of trapping - at state, provincial and territorial level - ensures that only a part of the surplus produced by nature is used. Moreover, since the CITES Convention, international trade is no longer a threat to wild species. This practice allows fur to be used ethically and sustainably while preserving biodiversity.

The modern face of trapping

Trappers today are no longer just people in their past images; they are at the forefront of conservation and animal welfare standards. The development of modern trapping methods and the transfer of practical knowledge is the result of decades of scientific research. This ensures that the collection of wild fur is as stress-free as possible for the animals.

More than fashion

Fur not only makes our clothing habits more sustainable, it also supports local communities. By buying this type of fur, we are also directly contributing to the livelihoods of remote rural communities who depend on their natural resources for their livelihoods. Trappers also play an important role in conservation efforts, as they are the first to detect changes in wild populations and habitats.

Using furs is not only a fashion choice, but also a conscious step towards an environmentally conscious life. Ethically sourced, sustainably collected fur offers the opportunity for fashion and conservation to go hand in hand.

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