Furever by Csányi is proud to offer sustainable, certified and luxurious fur clothing. The brand's heritage is firmly intertwined with natural fur. Natural fur is part of a sustainable, transparent and certified production system that focuses on protecting the environment, nurturing communities and ensuring ethical animal welfare.

Protecting the environment

Furever by Csányi is doing its part to protect and preserve the environment by working with natural fur. Natural fur supports the idea of longevity and slow fashion. Our fur coats are continuously maintained throughout their long life; they can be passed down from generation to generation, and when their final owner decides to part with them, they can rest easy knowing that they are largely biodegradable.

Natural fur processing is also waste-efficient. From farms that convert waste into high quality fertiliser, biofuel and biodiesel, to Furever by Csányi's general zero waste policy at its fur plant, where all waste is used. Setting an ideal example for reducing CO emissions.

The tradition of crafts

At Furever by Csányi we preserve the art and craft of fur making. A millennia-old tradition of unique craftsmanship that encompasses a large community of artisans worldwide. We employ these artisanal men and provide them with a source of income for their livelihood.

Ensuring ethical animal welfare

At Furever by Csányi, we take great care to ensure careful and responsible sourcing through our supply chain.

We only work with farmers who participate in programmes that are both EU-recognised, regulated by strict standards and independent third-party audits, and that put animal welfare first.

A part of our business deals with wild fur. Wild fur is strictly regulated and recognised as a widely used tool in the management of wildlife to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Conservation programmes are necessary and will continue with or without the fur trade. The fur trade creates a destination for unavoidable waste.

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